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Dive in to the New Book by Mr. Recess:
Amy Goes to Sing to the Coral Reef


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What's in the Book?

Mr. Recess proudly presents

“Amy Goes to Sing to

The Coral Reef”!

His warm memories of hearing bedtime

stories from his mom inspired

his dream of becoming an author.

This story blends fantasy and

biology to show readers some of

the animals that call the coral reef home.

Watch learning turn into one more

adventure before bed,

with rhyming stories from Mr. Recess!

Book Summary

Who's Mr. Recess?

Mr. Recess is an author and publisher of children's books. With a background in biological and natural sciences, Mr. Recess found fun, joy, and escape in learning. The same feeling he got when on the playground. Now he wants children to be able to understand complex ideas in a fun and fantastic way.

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Find joy in reading.
Find joy in

E-Book Out Now

Amy Goes to Sing to the Coral Reef is out now as an e-book. Have the convenience of this powerful story right in your pocket. Enjoy the fun wherever it may take you. Order now!

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